Monday, December 3, 2007

Mid Terms Examinations

The Mid-term Examinations started along with the beautiful winter of Karachi. If you ask students that is the only good thing about it because they can't find one other reason to welcome this phase of every year

Do not stress yourself too much and don't completely cut off yourself from your routine because your mind will not be able to adjust comfortably to a completely different phase which can hurt your preparation so keep performing your daily activities (few of them) in the preparation week

And whatever the results are, remember It is never too late and you can always start going into the classes and catch up where you left.. =) or start from the scratch (for some very special cases )

The Blog wishes the best of lucks to all our students and promises a edition for you guys right after the Exams. The Blog will keep you up-to-date even when we are not in our school and are on Winter Holidays


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