Thursday, November 29, 2007

Here we go Again

On the 28th of November i was sent back home.. because i came late to school, and what a day i missed, The Campus Confidential posted there second issue on the board. But they so didn't wanted me to see the Issue that when i came back to school the next day on the 29th of November it was all gone.. with the board facing the walls. What an issue it must've been 'eh?. so i went down and searched for all i could get about the issue.

Then i saw the whole CC gang standing outside Miss Shireen's Office,thats when things started to sink in and i got a hang of what went wrong, "in the search of getting some publicity CC went on to the wrong tracks" A member of the Student's Body said.

The Campus Confidential used pictures to show some exciting things but things which could harm the image of the School as well... The head boy goes bonkers working for us and what he gets at the end of the day a photo wid him lying down and watching another guy using his cell phone. That is nothing but being unfair with Fazil Maniya my friend.

Campus Confidential seriously needs a change in there group,ammendemts where members with a peanut sized brains are concerned, because when you are given the responsibility to run a School visual mag your top priority should be the image of the campus and not the amount of people you attract to it. So yeah! one person with a peanut sized brain, keep that on your list because you people need it.

I will not mention the girl by any way... but whatever you showed about the poor thing was such a n inappropriate way to get things going, almost unbelievable you guys did that. Read the post beneath this... we expected a lot from you guys but i guess the campus confidential is an another Misbah (our cricketer). CC n misbha's unique tactics,never fail to shock us!

And i guess they didn't even get things checked by Miss Shireen this time, well from now on every Campus Confidential Issue if we see will all be screened by our own Head Mistress Miss Shireen

One of the top CC members was heard saying " First they say we are not confidential enough then say what we did was wrong... we didn't do anything wrong what the heck..."
I wont comment on that.. you just have to laugh on this one :P

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Campus Confidential!

The Campus Confidential looks out for the second issue of their visual mag. Personally i believe they are doing their level best to do the best job for the school and i hope they succeed big time with their new edition. With all the hours in the Computer lab they sure are going to bring up something very worth while looking at.

Our very popular Prefect Alyzeh Rizvi is also one of the news of the Campus Confidential this time :P (sources have told me..). They have impressed me with there background, and they just need to play along the start they had from their first issue and they will do absolutely awesome.

The Campus Confidential thinks we hate them.. and we are immature :P ( i heard that hafsa )
but on the contray we just can't wait for it to come out.. not that i want to bash them again with picking up some mistakes they made, I still stand by what i said in my first post about CC, but I must admit they had given me pretty less space to criticize them on.

One man's view is not the view of the whole BlognForum we have 69 other members as well :)

I hope it is an awesome addition to the CC adventure so Good Luck !