Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Campus Confidential!

The Campus Confidential looks out for the second issue of their visual mag. Personally i believe they are doing their level best to do the best job for the school and i hope they succeed big time with their new edition. With all the hours in the Computer lab they sure are going to bring up something very worth while looking at.

Our very popular Prefect Alyzeh Rizvi is also one of the news of the Campus Confidential this time :P (sources have told me..). They have impressed me with there background, and they just need to play along the start they had from their first issue and they will do absolutely awesome.

The Campus Confidential thinks we hate them.. and we are immature :P ( i heard that hafsa )
but on the contray we just can't wait for it to come out.. not that i want to bash them again with picking up some mistakes they made, I still stand by what i said in my first post about CC, but I must admit they had given me pretty less space to criticize them on.

One man's view is not the view of the whole BlognForum we have 69 other members as well :)

I hope it is an awesome addition to the CC adventure so Good Luck !


|S| said...

woah i think this issue of of CC's visual mag is gonna be awesome well it can be better than our blog

Anonymous said...

i hate campus confidential

Rashid H. Nizamani said...

Let's just see what they come up with, this time, then we can comment truly. But, they seem to be working hard on it.

|S| said...

hey anony dont say like this maybe there are doing something good this time

Anonymous said...

i think both of them should merge so that it becomes an example to other skewls tht no one is a match of our skewl and no one is tht much creative as much as we are cant u ppl merge and stop hating each other

||MJ|| said...

Campus confidential,, SUX!

Peeping in others business and posting them on board. can led them kick their ass by sum1..

WElll i have heard that,, CC has been terminated by the orders of the boss.. Miss. Shereen Karamally..