Sunday, January 20, 2008


This is series of photographs shot by one of our own students, Syed Arsal Hasan from A1.G2, this post shows the colors of our city that one so easily over looks. I would request you all to give each of these pictures some of your time to ponder over. Have you seen such scenes while you are driving back home.. taking a walk... sitting idle on your window..

Try Observing things.. try appreciating things... the moment you do that you will see that one simple object that might seem useless to others can give you a lot of inspiration, reasoning and sometimes the answers you have been searching for,

Pictures taken by Syed Arsal Hasan
and are taken in Karachi.

We are proud to say that we have a batch filled with so many awesome writers..speakers..artists..designers.. photographers and singers
but you guys need to do a little effort to come up and participate making an image for the school and get recognized.
mail us if you think you have some creativity to offer.. be it anything.. just let us have a look at it.. we study in the same School .
How unfortunate would it be if we never got to know that you had a talent or an idea that could make a difference.

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