Monday, October 20, 2008

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Friday, September 12, 2008


Thursday, 11th September: Its official. Election time has come upon us, and it truly has started raining banners, posters, slogans, stickers, and of course all the rest that comes part and parcel of campaigning. As soon as the list of Headboy and Headgirl nominees was put up outside the office around midday Wednesday, the race was on. Tension gripped the humid air as groups gathered, handshakes were made, and masterplans hatched. The morning started off with speeches from the four headboy and headgirl candidates, some impromptu, some well-rehearsed in front of mirrors. The usual chants from the loud group of boys in a corner belonging principally to A2C6 made more noise than the candidates, most audible when cries of 'Saad Saeed ko hatao' and 'Phuppa' were made. Risalat was loudly cheered by vocal supporters, while Zara Naeem and Ali Ahmad Khan received a share of the boos alongside applause. Faraz Butt and Shahzaib Arif looked mild and relaxed, even though Faraz's everlasting microphone problems could have hampered his performance. Fatima Hafsa was laid back and friendly while Palwasha Ali made the aggressive speech, reminding everyone of her past reigns as Head Girl, and hoping for another one. As assembly dispersed, Ali Ahmad Khan could be spotted running up and down the stairs, planting his posters in selected positions, while others had classes to attend. As the day wore on, stickers and posters could be seen to occupy every nook and corner and every shirt and dupatta, as many enjoyed an event that comes only once a year. Support for Risalat Hussain's support was the most vocal, with rallying calls made while some 'Ali as HB' stickers were cleverly converted to 'Risalat as HB' thanks to the craftiness of his supporters. Shahzaib Arif was not seen for most of the day, but that did not hamper his campaign, as his posters and stickers could also be seen floating around the section. Faraz Butt made use of his last name in his posters and tag lines, and the students enjoyed a bit of fun with it too. Around midday was when the crowds started becoming lethargic, owing probably to low blood sugar levels, and many more students could be seen sitting and resting. Sana Ahmed and Palwasha Ali could also be seen making their evident efforts for campaigning with colourful posters, while Fatima Hafsa's attendance in classes could not hamper her efforts, as her friends worked their fingers to the bone. Much verbal support-gathering could also be seen, and A1s had the opportunity to meet some of the candidates. Lastly, of course, Ms. Shireen came to snap pictures with her ultracompact digital camera while students prayed for Iftar to arrive soon. A day of frantic activity was soon to come to an end. Still, small groups could be seen working away, talking, pasting stickers, making some, and rallying for support. As the day finally came to a close, students lugged their bags with them, still discussing popular future leaders of the section, discussing strategies for the next day. The candidates are strong and the campaigning intense. The stage is set for a truly dazzling showdown for the most coveted positions in the Student Council.

Ali Ahmad Khan

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome Juniors aka As level

School started on 4th september 2008, when you guys tht is the juniors got ragged some were enjoying and some were annoying for your kindest info we were only messing around wid you guys nothing serious there is a whole year around and we ll hav a blast together we both As and A level can create history and examples for others in every possible way =D

till thn cheers hav fun

Saad Saeed,
The City School Blog n Forum Unofficial :P

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Vacations

Happy Summer Vacation and Good bye to Our Seniors
It was a great time with u all we learnt alot from u guys had a great blast enjoyed with you and we will remember times spent wid u guys and we will miss u alot on the behalf of all your juniors WE WILL MISS YOU, YOU GUYS ROCK

Special thanks to Zufah Ansari, Ibad Rizvi, Fazil Maniya, Zain ul Abideen, Leena Khan, Hamza Mahmood Ansari, Alyzeh Rizvi, Hammad Hameed, Mahrukh Imtiaz, Farah Akhtar Khan, Mansoor Azam Khan, Muzamil Uddin Syed, Abdullah Rauf and Sumra Jehan


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The Blog and Forum is under Construction will be working back from August 4th

Monday, June 9, 2008

School's Unofficial Magazine

School's Unofficial Magzine is out now just for Rs 200 limited copies get yourself one now for further information contact the blog email id is

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Past Paper Resources

Many of you might already know this site, so for those of you who don't, is a great resource for past papers, marking schemes and whatever else to help you prepare well for the CIE exams.

Best of luck to all!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tribute to the beard

We're Back!


Script: Arsal
Graphics: Lamak

Friday, February 22, 2008

Search for your soul... [arzal]

Suddenly I realized what I was facing all the time. The façade was no more there… my real master was revealed. I was tearing apart my own people on his commands and I had killed my own soul for his lust. I closed my eyes and saw a small child, who was begging for his mother’s life, but I didn’t see the innocence in his eyes. I was given commands that I had to fulfill and we killed them all. I could hear the cries of the mothers who had lost their sons… I was in front of a young boy, who was standing firmly with his sword, he was ready to kill me and that was the first time my soul asked me if I was on the right side or not…. I replied in the affirmative and the boy was killed after a brave battle.
Now for the first time I knew what I had to do… It was neither about religion nor about my color. It was about my identity which I had lost… left behind… I picked up my sword again but this time it was in search of my own soul.
Let me set the fire this time because I know I will not be here after that. Maybe this dream needs blood let it be mine but when I’ll be gone don’t let this dream fade out.

1857- Révolte
Arsal Hasan
A1- G2

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Forgotten Feel by Zufah Ansari

Shame: a negative emotion that combines feelings of dishonor, unworthiness, and embarrassment
Disrespect: to show a lack of respect for somebody or something.

Two negative words are all I can use to describe what I assume when I observe the attitude of my peers when we assemble to recite the anthem. It pains me to say so but this the most accurate illustration I can think of to describe my resentment over the fact that we Have "FORGOTTTEN THE FEEL”, the feeling of pride, the feeling of patriotism.

“Straighten up, the national anthem is about to start.” The usual response I get to that instruction is a loud sarcastic laugh, followed by a smirk from students. Nothing bothers me more than the lack of respect students’ show to the National anthem these days. Standing behind a massive crowd of 600 students, observing the crowd from one end to the other I see young adults who are definitely a valued asset of the country, fidgeting, fixing their “oh so very important hairdo’s”, chatting and laughing precisely at the very moment when they are suppose to be singing the national anthem in unison. While on the other end I see young children of age 8-9, filled with reverence, passion and enthusiasm; singing the national anthem in their true spirits of patriotism although at this very young age the notion of patriotism has not even been instilled in their adolescent minds.

Over the past years I have seen that as students hit their teenage years or reach high school they tend to think that showing respect or singing the national anthem becomes against the norm of being a teenager or makes them look “dorky” among their friends This lax attitude also persists because the students’ minds have been molded to believe that Pakistan is a self destructing nation and showing respect to a bunch of phrase won’t change its situation so it’s easier to disrepute your country than defend its pride. Well I would like to contradict this perception that exists amongst the peers and students in all schools. Lack of respect is just not what our anthem, deserves. The anthem is like a prayer that is taught to us from the day we step in to an institution and even after years of reciting it there are still many ignorant people that have failed to learn it.

The National Anthem is the vivid representation of what should be the core of our responsibility as a citizen of our nation. Letting the respect of our country down ourselves will definitely allow others to disrespect it too and thus I strongly extend my plea to my peers, that give our anthem the due respect it deserves, recite in a dignified manner and nationalism because once the future of Pakistan loses the respect it holds for its country, will be the time when our nation will be lost.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Campus Criminals by Q.I.S

Guess whose back: back again.It’s not really a shocker to see a crowd around the soft board titled as campus confidentialThis confidentiality being conducted by some “smart” ladies of our school have spread a vibe no one ever imagined to experienceThough campus confidential has had its own ups and down we don’t seem to see any fringe of hesitation in them. These much UPDATED ladies very conveniently budge into others lives and publicize others lives for no reason at all. Too bad they don’t have their own spice in life to deal with so they go around school easdropping or socializing with people in order to victimize some other innocent creature of the city school: some friends for benefits.Apart from all the interviews and popularity they are rewarding people these Campus criminals are really think they are real journalists. All the gossips and budging was enough to terrorize the red bricks: these campus criminals have leaked out another weapon to persecute their fellow students: a mere camera. Well yes it might seem like the most irrational statement but truthfully these campus confidential*just feel like saying criminals again and again and again * are totally gone outrageous over people in school. No matter how badly they need a picture of someone in school there is no point, rather it is totally not required to be a paparazzi .NO POINT AT ALL.Taking pictures of students have made many furious. But these ladies really think the school lobby is a Hollywood lane and they just don’t stop snapping pictures without asking!!!It has also been witnessed that people don’t want these ladies to be around. People actually leave the place this gang settles themselves. what harm could they cause us I thought one day but sooner I got to know their obsession to paparazzi so I thought to give a signal to all those who are not fond of being the center of attention and are totally comfortable with the inattention they acquire. Why do they even have to try to make someone popular while ending up turning someone’s life a little more miserable? There still exist some other things that can be talked upon other then just spreading news that might just not be what their soft board is showing Someday we hope they understand and totally comprehend the word PRIVACY which is not to be invaded because if these unknown photo shoots persist there just might be a big indifference between the victims and the campus criminals I mean the confidential

Sunday, January 27, 2008

BasketBall Team Strikes Again!

1 . Hammad Z
2 . Muzammil
3 . Raja J
4 . Maaz S
5. Aman A
6. Qais R

This match was at the NAD UNIVERSITY and it was arranged by our own coach SIR TARIQ.
The team was not in the form firstly as RAJA and MAAZ were unable to make there three pointers and there was a lack of co-ordination but out of nowhere MAAZ made three consecutive three pointer *SWISSH* then AMAN made his signature Lay-Up, every one started playing and co-ordination started to build. The FINAL SCORE was "42 PAF - 29 NAD" yes thats right 42-29 nobody can stop our team from playing the best and wining all the matches. WAY TO GO TEAM!!

Bake Sale 2008 (Coming Soon)

Sunday, January 20, 2008


This is series of photographs shot by one of our own students, Syed Arsal Hasan from A1.G2, this post shows the colors of our city that one so easily over looks. I would request you all to give each of these pictures some of your time to ponder over. Have you seen such scenes while you are driving back home.. taking a walk... sitting idle on your window..

Try Observing things.. try appreciating things... the moment you do that you will see that one simple object that might seem useless to others can give you a lot of inspiration, reasoning and sometimes the answers you have been searching for,

Pictures taken by Syed Arsal Hasan
and are taken in Karachi.

We are proud to say that we have a batch filled with so many awesome writers..speakers..artists..designers.. photographers and singers
but you guys need to do a little effort to come up and participate making an image for the school and get recognized.
mail us if you think you have some creativity to offer.. be it anything.. just let us have a look at it.. we study in the same School .
How unfortunate would it be if we never got to know that you had a talent or an idea that could make a difference.

please mail us at

Thursday, January 3, 2008

School Re-opens 7th January

The School will resume on Monday, 7th of January. The Sindh Government has announced this change because the elections got postponed following the unfortunate incidents that took place in the recent past.