Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Campus Criminals by Q.I.S

Guess whose back: back again.It’s not really a shocker to see a crowd around the soft board titled as campus confidentialThis confidentiality being conducted by some “smart” ladies of our school have spread a vibe no one ever imagined to experienceThough campus confidential has had its own ups and down we don’t seem to see any fringe of hesitation in them. These much UPDATED ladies very conveniently budge into others lives and publicize others lives for no reason at all. Too bad they don’t have their own spice in life to deal with so they go around school easdropping or socializing with people in order to victimize some other innocent creature of the city school: some friends for benefits.Apart from all the interviews and popularity they are rewarding people these Campus criminals are really think they are real journalists. All the gossips and budging was enough to terrorize the red bricks: these campus criminals have leaked out another weapon to persecute their fellow students: a mere camera. Well yes it might seem like the most irrational statement but truthfully these campus confidential*just feel like saying criminals again and again and again * are totally gone outrageous over people in school. No matter how badly they need a picture of someone in school there is no point, rather it is totally not required to be a paparazzi .NO POINT AT ALL.Taking pictures of students have made many furious. But these ladies really think the school lobby is a Hollywood lane and they just don’t stop snapping pictures without asking!!!It has also been witnessed that people don’t want these ladies to be around. People actually leave the place this gang settles themselves. what harm could they cause us I thought one day but sooner I got to know their obsession to paparazzi so I thought to give a signal to all those who are not fond of being the center of attention and are totally comfortable with the inattention they acquire. Why do they even have to try to make someone popular while ending up turning someone’s life a little more miserable? There still exist some other things that can be talked upon other then just spreading news that might just not be what their soft board is showing Someday we hope they understand and totally comprehend the word PRIVACY which is not to be invaded because if these unknown photo shoots persist there just might be a big indifference between the victims and the campus criminals I mean the confidential

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Once again,farigh awaam proudly presents. lmao.