Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Date: Friday, September 28, 2007

Venue: The City School PAF Chapter Alevels

Time: 4.30pm onwards followed by Iftar + dinner

Participation: Students only or Students with Mother

Mehfil e Milad was nice like a usual milad we had HAMDS, NAATS, DROODS, SPEECHES and DUAs . The participants were really talented they were from the Al s and from the A2 s as well. This time the teachers also participated and every participant had melodious voice that all students were listening to the naats and hamds peacefully. It was held in the basement where the Air conditioners were like show pieces good to look at never to work so we were sitting under the fan still we didn't feel hot.

Shoeb Bhatti welcomed everyone in the milad Qirat was done by Moiz Mehmood translation followed by Hannah Arain. Then Danial Azhar read a HAMD "Na Tiara koi our hai". We than had 4 naats by Umar Zaheer, Sana Ahmed, Momina Mumtaz and Sir Nasir. They read in a harmonious voice. Followed by the Drood. than after when sir nasir finished his naat and went back on his place the low quality stage and the heavy weight students made the stage fall from one side make a loud noise and woke up people who were sleeping. There were 3 more Naats by Najmus Saquib, Askari Hassan and Saria Rafique. Then there was a speech by Seher Kazmi. Then we had Drood and some more Naats by Kiran Noureen, Humair Mohammad, Amna Jamil and Anadil and Qizal followed by drood and than Sir Nasir came to read Junaid Jamesheds famous Madina Madina he went back to his place and there was the second bang where the stage once again fell down and the students we in fits of laughter. Hamza did a speech followed by 2 naats and one dua than it was Iftar time...


Iftar hmmm...well i did not enjoy iftar that much but the school tried well to keep the students happy they even did the students were sitting in group having fun we could see many people eating Ibad rizvi also c'mon he is a human being after all he also gets hungry the students council was doing a marvelous jobs that is the head boys fazil n ibad and the head girls zufa n zainab though most of the prefects were busy eating biryani samosay n dahi phulkiyaan. The fruit chaat more looked like an experimental chaat i forgot to get a picture of it *drats*...and the alloo ke pakoras which were without potatoes sirf naam ke alloo ke pakoray they and its good to write in english n urdu because people enjoy to read it =D

Monday, September 24, 2007

Welcome Party turned out to be a dance party

We had a welcome party on 8th September 2007 which started of with quite dull and boring with colorful clothes, boys were looking delightful and the girls were looking splendid people sang songs, everyone was getting bored and started to go back home after seeing this the management thot of making the welcome party by giving the students a surprise what we didn't know this school management invited a DJ which rocked the party and turned up the dull party into a swaying lurching party that the whole school started to dance with all the lights closed and everyone enjoyed the food and went to the dance floor back nevertheless the welcome party aka the city school paf chapter alevels "First ever" DANCE PARTY.... =)