Thursday, November 22, 2007

PAF Chapter Idol Success

(Updated and edited)
The Paf Chapter Idol, it has to be said, was a success that should be repeated in the years next to come.
The competition showed how immensely talented our students are and was a treat to watch and listen to. It was total comedy till the end if you ask me, from a personal point of view, I think the judgment criteria was a bit questionable but they just followed the trend so its never their fault...

The Contestants are as follows

Agha Shahzaib - Mere dil ke chain (eliminated in the first round :P)
He started... and we all wanted to *bang our heads in laughter* but.. as he was the first singer of the event so he was appreciated by the crowd

Sabih Mikani - Kal ho naa ho
Sabih was very stiff and looked a bit nervous, all credits to him, he looks such a shy person but actually joined and performed for the Pafian Idol

Omair Asif aka Birdie - Kisna
Well.. birdie had support :P.. thats for sure. and he was shining through in his song.. check his picture. a pretty ordinary attempt to a nice song

Muhammad Sadiq - Bindas
i have got nothing to say for him.. he left us stunned by the elvis dance.. hail to the king :P
look at the picture above dude.. you'll get to know what I am trying to say!!

Kiran Naureen - Kabhi to Nazar milao
She was a delight to hear, her voice was versatile and had a beautiful way of singing she went to the final round but unfortunately could not capture the crowd with the performance, which was the main criteria kept for the finals

Saria Rafiq - Pal Pal
This was a very nice song chosen and performed by Saria. she deserved every moment of the applaud the crowd gave to her in the response of that song, she got lucky and her video got selected to be uploaded on the site.. i will try to upload as many videos as i can in the coming weeks of different performances

Alyzeh Rizvi - Aap ki nazron ne samjha
She had a very sweet voice and her sound selection was awesome... it was a very unfair decision to eliminate her in the second round where she performed a flawless " Silsila yeh chahat ka", alyzeh could have made it to the third round but she failed to do so because as far as i think the judges were most concerned with crowds enjoying. The crowd have no taste of music they dont appreciate the song from the 70's and 80's....

Palvesha yahya - Dil ki Lagi
She was a shocker, we all thought she was going to be eliminated in the first round, she sounded so well with her Dil ki Lagi that she had to get her points for the second round but in my rankings she was deserving the 3rd position in the competition.
over all awesome singing and dancing by Palvesha. She got a little hyper in the end when the judges asked for some presentation.

Muneeb - Lagan Lagi
You know if we could have actually shut up everyone else and listen to this dude.. he was very nice with his voice.. but was a bit low in volume
but i loved the way he went with his lyrics *sorry for not having a pic of you*

Faraaz Shah - Yoon Shabnami
Har baar kuch bolna zaroori hai kiya.. im tired now.. :P

Shohaib Rao- Lukha chuppi
i would prefer myself to stay quiet and let you people watch the picture above. it says all there has to be said.Feel the concentration in it dude.

Umar bin Zaheer - JHOOM barabar Jhoom
He was a rocker... he had the voice.. the pitch... the sound.. the style to get himself the first position quite easily. He had the crowd swaying with his song.
what i observed from his singing.. :P.. "If you want to sing good close your eyes the minute your song starts"...(We will upload a video of omar soon)

Kiran Nuareen, Umer bin Zaheer & Palvesha yahya were the three contestants that qualified in the final and the positions were as follows

1st Umer Bin Zaheer
2nd Palvesha Yahya
3rd Kiran Nuareen

The music society president announced that we will have rock gig in school. Students who are interested can contact him.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Scrabble Competition

There was a scrabble competition held in school, it was an inter-house competition.
It was on 16th November 2007. Mrs Neelam (Counselor) and Fatima Urooba (Journalism Society President) were the judges. It was of 2 hours, each player got 3 minutes to make a word and if failed to do so the person would get a zero and next person got his turn. Ali Abid Kazmi from the Red House got the first position, Essa Saulat was second frm the Green House and Anam Tariq was third from Blue House. The runner ups were:
  • Palwasha Ali (Yellow House)
  • Saad Saeed (Red House)
  • Sana Ghufran (Blue House)
  • Ali Ahmed Khan (Green House)
  • One more from the Blue house i dont remember her name will be updated by tomorow *sorry for the inconvenience*