Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Scrabble Competition

There was a scrabble competition held in school, it was an inter-house competition.
It was on 16th November 2007. Mrs Neelam (Counselor) and Fatima Urooba (Journalism Society President) were the judges. It was of 2 hours, each player got 3 minutes to make a word and if failed to do so the person would get a zero and next person got his turn. Ali Abid Kazmi from the Red House got the first position, Essa Saulat was second frm the Green House and Anam Tariq was third from Blue House. The runner ups were:
  • Palwasha Ali (Yellow House)
  • Saad Saeed (Red House)
  • Sana Ghufran (Blue House)
  • Ali Ahmed Khan (Green House)
  • One more from the Blue house i dont remember her name will be updated by tomorow *sorry for the inconvenience*

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Anonymous said...

Essa Saulat was the best delegate in LUMUN