Friday, February 22, 2008

Search for your soul... [arzal]

Suddenly I realized what I was facing all the time. The façade was no more there… my real master was revealed. I was tearing apart my own people on his commands and I had killed my own soul for his lust. I closed my eyes and saw a small child, who was begging for his mother’s life, but I didn’t see the innocence in his eyes. I was given commands that I had to fulfill and we killed them all. I could hear the cries of the mothers who had lost their sons… I was in front of a young boy, who was standing firmly with his sword, he was ready to kill me and that was the first time my soul asked me if I was on the right side or not…. I replied in the affirmative and the boy was killed after a brave battle.
Now for the first time I knew what I had to do… It was neither about religion nor about my color. It was about my identity which I had lost… left behind… I picked up my sword again but this time it was in search of my own soul.
Let me set the fire this time because I know I will not be here after that. Maybe this dream needs blood let it be mine but when I’ll be gone don’t let this dream fade out.

1857- Révolte
Arsal Hasan
A1- G2


Anonymous said...

hey |A| dude hav u ever recognized tht ure post make the blog boring like ure post KARACHI

|A| said...

lolz.. dont dey?

at least its better than your ashamed of yourself.. writing with anon. on your head..

do you wear a paper bag on your face when you come to school ? :P
just asking

Z.A said...

just as i predicted they won't get it...
lolx... GROW up anon!

Anonymous said...
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z.a said...

no wonder u didn't ge it ...since ur vocab is so limited to the swear words. :)

|A| said...
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|A| said...

dear anon.
leave this site man.. cuz we won't ever get so low that we start entertaining people like you.

im very sorry for that.. but you just should be wasting your time somewhere else

Taha said...

Really liked it man!
But what I don't get is why the picture shows the burning stars and stripes when you've got "1857- Revolte" written at the bottom! :S

|A| said...

thanks a lot man..

what happened then is no different from what is happening now...
just some change in flags :P
*hope you get me*

Taha said...

Yeah you're right... Hopefully Hillary or Obama can put things a bit in order :P

Anonymous said...

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