Saturday, September 22, 2007


We had an awesome 3 day phadda among the A1's it was between two boys both from the same branch the reason for the fight was tht a boy in A1C3* abused the other boy when he was question by the person frm A1C1* on wednesday the A2's tried to handle the phadda like they usually do by showing off some bharam but the others boys were ready to face them latter on it was decided tht the fight should be done one on one resulting tht the student frm A1C1 did beat the hell out of the boy who abused next day the person who got beaten got his back and did beat the hell out of the person in A1C3 the following week the A1C1 got back to school with 150 people and the people who were involved in beating were beaten really bad got beaten up so bad that he is on a bed rest for three months and thank god he aint frm our skewl haha the person who abused was scared that he did not come out of the the end the person who abused said SORRY well this guy i think is a hypocrite because when ever he says sorry after few months he back to his devilish behaviour again...

** names of the students are private and confidential and so is the location


The campaign was totally awesome most of the people like alyzeh rizvi wanted to become the head girl but unfortunately failed to do so well this time the we got the most boring head boys and girls no one to do fun at all Fazil aka Decent Mullah our new Head boy,Deputy Head boy Ibad Rizvi aka Bhaloo, Head Girl Zufa and Deputy Head Girl Zainab. After the results were announced we saw some children crying, cursing or blaming others for note voting them.