Thursday, November 29, 2007

Here we go Again

On the 28th of November i was sent back home.. because i came late to school, and what a day i missed, The Campus Confidential posted there second issue on the board. But they so didn't wanted me to see the Issue that when i came back to school the next day on the 29th of November it was all gone.. with the board facing the walls. What an issue it must've been 'eh?. so i went down and searched for all i could get about the issue.

Then i saw the whole CC gang standing outside Miss Shireen's Office,thats when things started to sink in and i got a hang of what went wrong, "in the search of getting some publicity CC went on to the wrong tracks" A member of the Student's Body said.

The Campus Confidential used pictures to show some exciting things but things which could harm the image of the School as well... The head boy goes bonkers working for us and what he gets at the end of the day a photo wid him lying down and watching another guy using his cell phone. That is nothing but being unfair with Fazil Maniya my friend.

Campus Confidential seriously needs a change in there group,ammendemts where members with a peanut sized brains are concerned, because when you are given the responsibility to run a School visual mag your top priority should be the image of the campus and not the amount of people you attract to it. So yeah! one person with a peanut sized brain, keep that on your list because you people need it.

I will not mention the girl by any way... but whatever you showed about the poor thing was such a n inappropriate way to get things going, almost unbelievable you guys did that. Read the post beneath this... we expected a lot from you guys but i guess the campus confidential is an another Misbah (our cricketer). CC n misbha's unique tactics,never fail to shock us!

And i guess they didn't even get things checked by Miss Shireen this time, well from now on every Campus Confidential Issue if we see will all be screened by our own Head Mistress Miss Shireen

One of the top CC members was heard saying " First they say we are not confidential enough then say what we did was wrong... we didn't do anything wrong what the heck..."
I wont comment on that.. you just have to laugh on this one :P


Anonymous said...

OH!I really wanted to read the 2nd issue of CC. But I missed it! I don't even know what was actually so wrong about it that it was ripped off ...what i saw today was just the remains of the background :(!

~F~@~B~I~ said...

I think miss shireen has done a great job by banning the CC issue.
i expect that now the CC's team would try to make themselves popular by trying other nonsence things.

Good luck CC
You'll surely fail.

Nizamani said...

Well they had this coming their way. The way they operated was bound to get them in trouble so it's no surprise that their magazine is closed, atleast for some time.

It's a good action by Ms. Shireen. In fact, the first good action taken by her since she's become the Head of PAF A'Levels.

My Salute to Ms. Shireen for such action. Let's just hope she bans the Magazine forever, at least till she's the Head.

Anonymous said...

As their first edition sucked, it's no surprise that their second edition was off the board as soon as it was displayed to the public. Maybe Ms. Shireen got fed up with CC's stupidity and thought to do a favour on the students and stopped CC from showing their magazine.

I hope they never again show their stupid sucking pathetic "Magazine" again. The CC was a serious headache and an eye sore to students and staff alike.

Also, their was nothing in it that's supposed to be in a magazine. If it was published, it wouldn't consist more than 3-4 pages. So someone plz inform the fools that they were showing us a "Pamphlet" rather than a "Magazine" cuz no magazine consists of 2-3 pages.

Let's just all pray to God that He gives CC ppl some sense and that they never display their damn "magazine" ever EVER again.

Shoaib said...

guys, get a grip!

what will all this negative criticism achieve? sure, CC made a mistake, but wasnt it our own demand on this very forum that they make their magazine more exciting and interesting? first, we keep criticizing them for being dull and boring and now when they do smth daring, we critcize them for not having the right sense to censor the mag.

remember they are just a group of aimbitious students who chose to do smth productive and different by starting CC. just the same way u guys started this blog. people make mistakes. but they learn from them. ur own blog administrators post vulgur comments here which other admins have to delete later on. isnt that so?

lets not go overboard with the criticism and hope CC will cum out better and more exciting next month!

|S| said...

no tht doesnt happen shoib we are only 2 admins who rite and post and the comments we delete...i heard CC has been closed down and if they come back eberything they do has to be checked by the principal first

Anonymous said...

with all due respect sir, this isn't a mere 'mistake', it is
question of someone's reputation. the cc ppl are sensible enough to know what they did was wrong.. and if they dont, they shud just be banned for good.
and i hav heard miss shireen is letting the cc put up a censored version..i dont think they deserve it one bit..but lets just hope this was the last of their 'mistakes'!

|S| said...


Shoaib said...


i beg to disagree with u completely ma'm. or sir if my guess is wrong.

the cc ppl were mandated by our school to report whatever happens inside the scool and comment on it too. unless it be outright defamation. that, u must know. all they did was put a picture of smth that had actually happend in school. Dawn does that everyday and it is recognized as the most responible newspaper in Asia. this is freedom of speech; journalists all over the world are allowed to publish whatever genuine material they find on a topic. CC merely tried to highlight a pressing issue and the picture they published was arguably very appropriate. yes, they shud not have suggested a few things they did in the article. that was a mistake, not a punishable offence. there is a difference. and really, the picture only depicts watever happend in scool, smth the magazine was mandated to do! nothing wrong with publishing such pics when the school itself, officially, permitted CC to start an un-censored, all-student visual magazine. so technically and logically, they did nothing wrong.
Student magazines are bound to publish such things, the school shud have realized this before giving CC a free liscence. i blame the school adminstration, not CC for whatever wrong, if any, has been done.

nonetheless, the question of ehtics does arise here. it was unethical to write those comments under the pic. however, as i said, that doesnt justify CC being banned permanantly or temporarily. they shud be reprimanded, warned and the aritcle removed at most. as mis shireen rightly did. but not allowing CC to continue or criticize it so much is frankly synonumus to Musharraf regime's recent gagging of the media.

its a question of freedom of speech, not someone's reputaion. no one can take away a person's self-respect unless he himslelf gives it to them.

Saad Saeed said...

acha so wht are we here to do be against CC all the time haan shoib CC and us we both perform the same job but its alot of difference how they perform their task and how we perform our tasks

Anonymous said...

woah..nice essay there:P
like we all dont know that there's a difference between hard-lined politicians and a school going girl..even in the case of politicians, disclosing private lives remains a debatable issue.. and then, there's also a difference between professional journalism and a skool soft-board magazine (which, by the way, has been permitted, with censorship, and not 'mandated' to do anything).
as for reputation, the whole school is talking abt that girl now. Be realistic before resorting to rhetoric.

but anyway..the clean and censored version of CC has been put up... without any of the 'confidential' stuff. i suggest the CC change their name from Campus Confidential to Campus Controversial:P

|S| said...


|A| said...

just to add a bit off fun in this whole conv.
i went behind the CC board to hide from someone :P

two CC members came running after me
i mean what idiots would ask you... what are you doing *behind* our board

when the whole school was reading the issue..i would certainly come out from the back ripping off the issue wont i?

|A| said...

Shohaib.. join us..
serious offer write for us you seem very interesting :)

my frend i still want them to be very confidential.. but this isn't what confidentiality means.. (get a dictionary please)
controversial and confidential are two different things miles apart!!!!!!

there was nothing which they did to make there confidentiality increase..
they just made it more.. controversial which could catch eyes..ripping off someone's image..
telling others how disorganized our school is

We have to make an example by working for our School's image.. with the work CC comes up.. we only hurt our image badly..

and my Offer for you to join us was serious

Anonymous said...

Well, I believe the students who run Campus Confidential should realize that personal attacks will never do any good to them.

Media should always state facts. Biased, irresponsible and opinionated media always creates misunderstandings and further adds to the anger of people being targeted.

Lamak said...

well it's unfortunate CC closed down...
they decided to spice up their second edition and sadly ms. shireen didnt take it too well...

campus confidential is only supposed to be for the students and represents our freedom of speech... dont think the school staff should have anything to do with it once they gave CC the green light to start their work...

Lamak said...

on top of it i think ms. shireen was too rough on them... they are still learning and if she would just set some guidelines for them about what and what not to do... CC would have been fine...

Alyzeh said...

I have a question for those who run CC.

Why were the questions changed?

I remember being asked,


to which I had answered, my parents.

Why would you guys change the question completely to,


this question, mind you guys, doesnt even make sense. How can I save somebody if im the last person on earth MYSELF?

|A| said...

Well Well.. Campus Confidential you guyz have some answers to give.
and please for the love of god don't say.. The sensor board changed them and you had nothing to do with it

Nizamani said...


Listen dude, whatever u do, u do it within the rules. The CC stepped a toe outta the line n Ms. Shireen stopped 'em.

If the school would've followed ur suggestion, the CC would've posted anything in their magazine, and the school wouldn't have been able to do anything.

One's got to stay in their limits, n that's one thing CC didn't do, so they got what they were supposed to get.

shoaib said... will be an honour to write for the blog. email me the details at

Nizamani said...

Just read Mr. Shoaib's "essay". Sir, according to what u had written, the CC ppl could've published anything happening in the school, whether it's sensible enough or not, and the school should just ignore what's being published.

If that would've happened, the CC ppl would've been more confident and would've published more and more controversial stuff.

If the school gave them permission to publish whatever is going around in the school, that doesn't mean u cross ur limits, and that's the very same thing CC did. If they weren't stopped now, God knows what they might have published in their future editions of the magazine.

Rz! said...

jo bhi ho... CC wale logon ne un dono bachon k sath (sab ko pata hai whom im talking abt) acha nahi kiya... 1 of the CC members "S" argued: "sirif ITNI si size ki pic lagayi thi... *holds her lil finger up* aur uspeTNA bara issue create kar diya *holds her arm up*"
and also "within 2 minutes after putting tht pic up... v blurred it out"......


wyl i was standing thr staring at tht pic... EVRYBODY standing beside me was talking abt tht ITNI SI PIC only!! :O
frm the silly girl who locked herself up in the bathroom i heard such a CHEAP comment k BAS! :O
evrybody had been talking abt it... ye sab sirif 2 minutes main tou nahi ho jata na..!!

jerks! :S

and it was not juss thm... fazil bhai and alizeh also had big issues against ths month's CC board..i wonder y miss karamali allowed thm to put it up again..! they shud hav been banned thr n thn FOR GOOD!

Anonymous said...

The CC definitely needs to get a grip. they just cant go around writing whatever they feel like about just anyone in the school. This months issue was extremely controversial. The CC people definitely need to cut up on the extra dose of sarcasm. In an almost failing attempt of being popular they are seeking help by putting up whatever's happening in school. Dont they get it ITS NOT WORKING! Somethings are better of confidential in its true meaning.

|S| said...

well like our blog is its limit and its even better Mashallah no one even complained against it if people have problems against it tell me im here to face them

Nizamani said...

Not only is the blog staying well within it's limits, it's also doing a great job.

|S| said...

thanks =) i appreciate that and will continue to serve you people even better within limits

zephyr said...

yeah..good going as far as the limits are concerned but the content is still pathetic.. get some good writers please.

Haris said...

This is utter bullshit and the CC went completely out of the limits!!
This is not a tabaloid but a school magzine, who are u to point out flaws of other people!!
Do something fun like your first issue and if u need to post something about a person atleast take their consent!

|S| said...

we are doing that we are getting good writers dont worry who ever you are

Anonymous said...

The blog no doubt is a trillion times better than CC. atleast tjeir not putting up pictures of people annd insulting them. nor are they being overcritical or exccessively sarcastic!

|A| said...

zephyr thanks for your comments.. really need people like you around...

thanks to anon as well..

i hope they would get the message this time..
first they go on stealing pics.. then they pick up on ppl..

now lets see whats in store for the January issue

|S| said...

hafsa i want you to comment now over here i am waiting for ure reply

Nizamani said...

Good News for CC Fans.

The Magazine was up on the board today. But there were a few changes.

U remember the pic of a guy talking on mobile n smoking??? Well that pic's edited n the cigarette has been removed from his hand.

Don't know abt other changes cuz didn't see the original edition.

Taha said...

WOW!! I'm speechless!! Talk about double standards! You keep saying that you're not disturbed by their presence then keep on relentlessly bashing them about every little thing!

GROW UP Arsal and Saad!

|S| said...

well taha this is not something little

|A| said...

taha baby.. don't cry..
I'll explain my position to you today.. and try taking it in the little you have what you call *tries not to laug*

I think the idea of having competition is awesome...that is why i will always want CC to run but just because of the fact that i want them to stay on.. does not mean that i will let them get away with anything wrong they do..

they just have hard luck that i am a very close reader and really love the magazine..

so whenever they don't perform well i have all the chance to bash them.. talk about them..just to make them realize and work better in the future..

ok taha... i hope you get this through once and for all

Taha said...

OH! So let me get this straight! You like competition, so whenever the 'competition' has a new issue you *wait for it* start a whole new post detailing everything on their board!

That is REAL original! I don't see ANY other blog of ANY other place covering their 'competition'!!

Come to think of it, I don't ever recall Dawn publishing articles about the articles in The Nation!

Get BENT!!

Nizamani said...

"Come to think of it, I don't ever recall Dawn publishing articles about the articles in The Nation!" (Quoted from Taha's latest post)

Listen, the competition THEY (the newspapers) are having, is for money, they want to earn cash, so they obviously won't mention other newspapers' articles etc.

But in the case of CC n this Blog, it's what I call, "non profit competition". I hope u understand what it means. And, if they mention each other in their magazine n Blog, what harm is it???

Plz think abt it.

Nizamani said...

Commenting more on Taha's post, I don't recall or can't see anywhere, that the Blog owners mention ANYWHERE about the 'competition'. The blog is open in front of me and all I see is |A| mentioning the CC, not the competition.

BTW, tell me one thing, if |A| regards CC as a competition, why r u getting all so fussed up????

Anonymous said...

Yaar Taha tumhare koi keere uchhal rahe hain kya??? Agar newspapers doosre newspapers k articles k baare mein nahi likhte, to na sahi, iss se blog ya magazine ka kya taaluk???

Aur haan, ye blog tumhara nahi hai, to iss ka owner jo bhi likhe, woh uss ki marzi hai. Aur agar woh skool mein display honay wale aik magazine k baare mein likhta hai, to iss mein bura hii kya hai??? Ye to khud acha hai k woh likh raha hai, skool ki coverage kar raha hai. Meine to CC mein aaj tak aisi koi cheez nahi dekhi.

To yaar ainda se Mintos khao, aur jab dimagh ki bati jal jaye, phir kuch sensible cheez post karna, warna plz hum pe rehem frama dena, bohat shukar guzaar hoon ga tumhara.

|A| said...

taha you idiot..
lolz...we are part of the same team..
the blog and the Campus Confidential it is my job to tell them where they are wrong.. and would expect the same from them...

people would regard both of us.. at the end of the day.. as PAF chapter's broadcasting units...

now dont give me.. *sniff* *sniff* Geo never showed Aaj News stuff..*cries out loud*

|A| said...

and please... i never showed.. copied.. or quoted what they write..

|S| said...

and yeah atleast we dont steal pictures

Alyzeh said...

I still haven't completely gone through this month's issue of Campus Confidential, however I am very disappointed with the team who decided to show diplomacy at the last minute and completely changed my idea of what the issue was going to be like.

By going around and asking random people who dont even know who I am, goes to show how far they can go to pulicise their magazine. Whats even more disappointing is, that nobody from the magazine bothered asking me, as to what they were about to print in their second issue. Shows how much they actually respect the person they are interviewing. It has come to me as a shock, and as much as I was in support of this magazine, Ive started to come across a tremendous amount of flaws in the editorial board of Campus Confidential. Very disappointed guys!

Anonymous said...

one question alizey.. Did u say that maasi thing? that sounded like u are a really proud person who looks down upon others and thinks she is the most beautiful girl.

Alyzeh said...

Haha. See, thats the problem of written media! :) It wasnt meant to be harsh, but thats how it might appear to you. But anyhow, I dont see myself as the 'most beautiful girl' for heaven's sake. Thats just so unrealistic. However, what I said was full of sarcasm, it is true that I was loaded with proposals last year, the rest was just something I added to make it sound funny! :S I had no clue every word was being jotted down by the interviewers and that they were taking it seriously!!!

As for me being proud, thats how I feel about all those people who I dont know, but thats just too vague, I believe all of us are old enough to realize that first impressions are not always the last ones. There is always a lot more to a person than what it may appear to you.

Taha said...


You know something? When this blog n forum started out I really liked it, but in 3 months it has become nothing more than a CC and Agha Shahzaib bashing club!

And that statement does not mean that I overtly 'like' either of them!

Taha said...

"One man's view is not the view of the whole BlognForum we have 69 other members as well :)"

Those are your own words Arsal!

Let me remind you: Opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one!

Nizamani said...


I am a regular at the Forum n Blog. I visit them daily.

So dude, just open the Forum n check the last post that was "bashing" Agha. Or let me tell u. It was on "Sun Nov 11, 2007 4:36 pm". Go n check urself if u don't want to believe me. It's in "Common Room" on the Forum; Topic Name: "Bathroom"; Page no. 2.

Bashing Agha on the Forum is an old story now. Plz keep urself updated with what's going on in the Forum.

And in no topic on the Blog, can I see ANYONE "bashing" Agha.

Konsi duniya mein reh rahe ho bhai???? Plz keep urself updated with the daily posting on the Blog n Forum, n THEN say something. So plz, from now on, get the facts first, and then say something.

|A| said...

let him cry nizamani..
let him cry and flow with his river..
i won't certainly get so low to come down and actually answer Taha's complaints about us..

Nizamani said...

Well as u say |A|, but I suggest, as well as it is my request, to ppl like Taha to get the facts first, and THEN argue.

|A| said...

I would like to request the CC members to come up here... and please answer some very important question
their own target of the month asked..

Taha said...

"i won't certainly get so low to come down and actually answer Taha's complaints about us.."

Smooth. Real smooth!

Nizamani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nizamani said...

Taha, |A| atleast has the guts to say that he won't reply ur complaints.

And u, look at ur reply!!!! Can't stop laughing. Hah!!!!!

YOUR comment should be called "Smooth. Real smooth!"

Won't u give a reply to my comment??? Or did u get cold sweat???

P.S. Sorry had to delete the post to make some minor change. Had to capitalize the word "your".

Anonymous said...

i have been a silent reader of the blog and these comments for some time now. but i cant stay quiet any more. it is for the good of the blog that i am saying this: The ADMIN needs to GROW UP. in this comment box and in some others too, some very childish and immature things have been said. if normal people like me say them, it doesn't matter, but the blog admin shouldn't forget that they are representing a lot of people and hence should try not to make a fool out of themselves with such stupid arguments and think before they reply.

Nizamani said...


"...but the blog admin shouldn't forget that they are representing a lot of people..."

But they are humans too. If I accuse u of something, won't u get angry or mad at me??? Same case with the Admins too. So it's natural if they say something in anger, or just to shut stupid ppl up.

|S| said...

which admin anony and hav the gutts to atleast write ure name btw we have 2 admins

Nizamani said...


Taha said...

"which admin anony and hav the gutts to atleast write ure name"

THAT is the kind of attitude anon is talking about! The Admins attitude is pretty intimidating, gives the impression that we aren't welcome here!

Hey, I hold nothing whatsoever against you! I respect your views against me and I agree with the 'getting facts right' part!
The reason I quoted |A| was because he is supposed to be Admin here and Admin's are supposed to answer to the complaints/suggestions of members. If he's going to say that then it shows really what kind of blog he is running.It's not about having guts to say that he won't reply to my complaints, do you think it matters to me whether he reply's or not? I don't live for this blog that I'll curl up and die if the admin ignores me! The only thing he'll be doing is spoiling his own image as an Admin!

Nizamani said...

Yaar Taha being an Admin isn't an easy job, u know. And I don't think saying a few "controversial" sentences in anger won't tarnish his image. Everyone's got his/her style of handling anger.

And another thing,

"THAT is the kind of attitude anon is talking about! The Admins attitude is pretty intimidating, gives the impression that we aren't welcome here!"

Yaar u see, everybody is welcome here, on the Blog, but if one's going to say something, they should atleast be kind enough to mention their names. They shouldn't be scared of that.

|S| said...

hey taha we arnt spoiling our image its u all the time crying over babyish things

grow up now you are forgetting tht u are in alevls now

we do answer every problem u guys are facing

|A| said...

Taha.. being the admin meant babysitting you while you cried over one thing a million times..
didnt knew that my frend.. certainly i would love to step off this admin job if i had to tell something a Million times to people with such great intelligence.

|A| said...

@ anon (the silent reader)
c'mon man that wasnt fair.. not the things you wrote.. no but the fact that you choose to stay quiet all this time! :)

so basically you want a very boring admins... that interferes just when all the other readers go nuts..
or just speak up when spoken to.

I m confused as to which attitude of mine seemed inappropriate, i can think of two different things..

a) my attitude towards Taha

b) my calling the campus confidential members to come up and answer

A) i would like you to silently *:P* read the comments again and even the old CC comments..
this dude keeps crying about just one thing that we hate CC, we fear CC.. we bash them everytime..
i tried to explain things.. but the level of intelligence his system works with is just out of my reach so.. yeh i am better off explaining things to such readers..
the day Taha comes up with a query that comes within my intelligence range.. i would be more than happy to comply

B) Just because i m a blog admin. it doesnt mean i can not speak out what i think..
Campus Confidential needs to come up here and answer things.. where else would they interact with the School?
they hardly have feedbacks on their soft boards.. so i thought it was a nice idea to invite them here

and if you still think im *oh so rude* and all.. well thats me
and i am sure you will be able to survive and live with it...

Nizamani said...

It was a good idea to invite CC ppl.

Arwa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lamak said...

will u people stop fighting and get over what ever you are fighting about...

seems like this whole list of comments is filled with junk, so please, stick to the topic, and dont personally attack one another...

Nizamani said...

Lamak, all these things are interconnected. One thing leads to another. Same here.

Taha said...

|A|,|S| I'm not gonna say much, especially now that everyone here has ganged up against ME now. From this moment on I'll just be a 'silent observer' and you can continue criticising every thing right left and centre. For some time I really wanted to write something for the blog but, seeing the way you people handle criticism, I'll take my chances elsewhere!

Nizamani you can blindly support your gracious leader |A| for all I care.

Nizamani said...

Listen Taha, I've got no personal enmity against u. It's just that what u kept saying, was rubbish. Now if I criticise on that n u start crying abt that, I'm sorry it's ur problem not mine. Just let me tell u one thing, if one could criticise, they should also have courage to face criticism, and not start crying.

|S| said...

hey taha we dont say tht stop writing it that u are like against us or something no hard feelings u can write anything u like its just tht for each other comment some one answers and everyone pin points others u can rite whtever u want to

Taha said...

I really don't get it! :S
Criticize me all you want, it really doesn't make a difference to me! And like I said before, 'opinions are like a-holes, everyone's got one' Is that so hard to comprehend?