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The Debates Society

Our school has 7 students only!

It has been almost 5 months since the new Academic year started at PAF Chapter. The A-levels Section of PAF Chapter is the only section in PAF Chapter which is very active in Co-curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities. The only section that has Societies that organize regular intra and inter school competitions. Amongst the more active societies of our school is the Debates Society headed by Kaneez Zainab, the Deputy Head Girl and Shoaib Bhatti, a relatively unknown figure.

Team C during the Deabte. From left:
Faraz Butt, Shoaub Bhatti, Ali Ahmed Khan
Like all other societies, The Debating Society has quite a few members. Approximately 50 who have registered. But like all other societies the Debating Society too has apparently short listed a handful of 5 or 6 members who participate in every other competition held in school and represent the school in out of school competitions too. You would be aware of the fact that there are more than 600 students in the A-levels Section. The Societies were formed to give equal opportunity to all the students of A-levels section to participate in the respective competitions; to groom their Public Speaking, Sports, Journalism or Dramatics etc. skills and win laurels for the school. Sadly, as we all know, in City School, you always get the opposite of what you are promised .Whether it be declaring a school holiday on a perfectly normal working day at 7:45 in the morning or charging handsomely the pupils who were promised 100% scholarship. Or, as is the theme of this article, making biased selections in the Societies after promising equal representation for all students.

Being an avid follower of the Debating Society, I will only highlight some of the shady selections it has been engaged in. The Journalism, Sports, Outreach, Science and toher Societies haven't been very transparent in their selections-for-competitions either. Perhaps the worthy Presidents would bless us an explanation anyway.

Let me begin at the beginning. The Debating Society's President, Kaneez Zainab, announced in the assembly at the beginning of the term that trials will be held to rank the debaters in our school and make teams for a Parliamentary Debates competition. These trials did take place in due time. Four Parliamentary Style teams (3 debaters in one team) were constituted on basis of these trials. The actual competition took place in the Basement and Library from 12th to 15th of November, 2007. The final was won by Team A, ( Asad Ayub, Kaneez Zainab and Anadil Faqah) against Team C, (Ali Ahmed Khan, Shoaib Bhatti and Faraz Butt). The judges for this competition were invited from SMC and FJDC. Sounds fair enough, but only thus far.
Audience and the Judges in the School Library
during the Final

As surprising as it is, 5 of these12 debaters shortlisted for the competition are in the same class as the honorable President and Vice President of the Society. The President and Vice President were themselves part of the teams even though they didn't participate in the so-called 'Trials'. Another thing worth noting is the caliber of the rest of the people short listed in the trial for this very important competition. Some of them couldn't even speak for 2 minutes on the podium and after crying things like "I can't do it!" scurried out of the room. These, my friends, are supposedly the top 12 debaters of The City School PAF Chapter's A-level Section!

Or are they? One only wonders how can 5 of the best debaters in a school can be in the same class as the Society President and Vice President. What's more puzzling is the elimination of some of the very good speakers of our school in this and other competions. Some of the key misses I am aware of were Hamza Sheikh (Rotarty Club Public Speaking Competition winner), Farzan Abbas (selected as a LUMUN Delegate), Asad Ayub (shown in the picture above who was later inducted in one of the 4 teams as a substitution and actually proved to be one of the best debaters of the tournament according to judges), Farah Akhtar and Ibad Rizvi (both are very experienced speakers and were selected as LUMUN Delegates). I am sure they would have been able to speak better than many of the short listed 'benefactors' of the Debating Society. The very same friends who are class fellows of the Society Heads. Not to forget those who couldn't even speak for 2 minutes on the podium!

Kaneez Zainab raising a Point of Information

in the Final Round

Distinguished Heads of School listning to the

Final between Team A and Team C

Apart from the Parliamentary Deabtes Competition, our school also participated in the Lecol'e Institute Inter-School Declamation Contest. Only 5 or 6 people were part of the auditions for this competition. And I know for a fact that Ibad Rizvi, our Deputy Head Boy, charged upto Miss. Neelum after the audiontion results were announced to demand fresh auditions. He claimed he wasn't given enough time and would do much better than those selected for Lecole. Maybe he would have done much better, I don't know, but the two speakers selected for Leco'le (Maleeha Javed and Maham Rizvi) were eliminated in the first round. Surely, PAF Chapter is not a school that should get eliminated in 1st rounds. It is apparent thus, that the teams our school have been sending aren't the best teams. But the paradox here is that the best speakers in our school are a few. And the Debating Society President and Vice President are two of them! So, is it justified to select these the few good speakers to represent our school over and over again or everyone should be given a chance? If everyone is given a chance, as was the case in The Lecol'e Contest, will our school ever be able to advance more than the 1st round?

The Heads of Societies are there to facilitate the members and prepare teams for different competitions/events. There is a large number of students who demand that they shouldn't be allowed to participate in competitions/events organized by their own Societies. Maybe if the Heads are so good, they should resign from their posts and just be active participants instead. Last year, Imran Hassan and Anam Alvi (President and VP of Deabates Society) didn't participate in a single public speaking competition themselves. Isn't that better way of leading our Societies?

Our Counselor and Headmistress certainly don't think so. The same people are Heads of Societies, Heads of Prfectorial Council and represent our school in Debating or other Competitions every now and then. A selected group of students or 'benefactors' of the Society Heads maybe are being selected for all the Sports, Science, Outreach, Journalism and Debates Society competitions. The Heads of Societies are themselves into everything. Arun Kumar, Faizan Naqvi, Anadil Faqah, Hamad Zafar, Mansoor-ul-Haq, Kaneez Zainab, Shoaib Bhatti etc. are the most frequent participants of the competitions and events being organized by their respective Societies. The A-levels section has 600 students not 7! Where are the rest of the 593 students? Clapping in the audience?!


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Lamak said...

i strongly agree with you shoaib...
and nice work by the way, at first it seemed so long but when i started reading... it was excellent!

i do not understand why societies adopt the method of kicking out people who are unable to attend meetings, i mean it's outrageous, you hold meetings in between school timings and then kick out people who cant make it. some people might be absent, teachers might not let them go or whatever the reason, but you are supposed to judge members by their ability/skill and determination for whatever the society does... not by their attendance in a meeting!

|S| said...

that day when the selection were being held i by mistake went to the basement and i also saw this happening kaneez zainab was fooling around with her friends and her friends were playing around with the mic thats not wht a head of a society do she should be responsible enough to do her duty as a deputy head girl or a head of a society

Nizamani said...

I really appreciate what Shoaib has written. I didn't know the facts which he has shed light upon.

I agree with Lamak, that the teachers should allow Society members to attend Society meetings during their classes.

Maham said...

i strongly believe in giving everyone a chance. shoaib, you wont be here next year. who will take care of the debates society if A1s are not given a chance today to prove themselves?
AND i know that you shoaib, believe in only giving the best the chance. shoaib, people LEARN from their MISTAKES. and surely, you've attended many competitions but you havnt won every single one of them? and how many competitions has paf actually taken part in eversince school has started?
from my personal experience, ive learnt there's too much favoritism done in school. because i remember begging you to give me the place for the indian competition/lecole competition. you weren't ready to do that were you? you had plans of attending ALL competitions alone. which shoaib is NOT fair at all. we are here aswell. one doesnt exactly have to be the best but one has to learn and get experienced.
and let me share my experience at lecole with all of you.
paf chapter, lyceum, st.pats, lecole and dha public were the schools taking part in the competition. each school was allowed to bring 5 supporters and one teacher. however, from paf chapter sir yahya and the participants went only. we werent allowed anyone for moral support. i also remember going upto kaneez and asking her if she wanted to come, and she too, said no.
on the other hand, other schools had their academic counsellors/english teachers with them who were giving them constant support and guidance. they had their supporters too, to cheer for them and actually make them feel better.
paf chapter was the ONLY school without supporters and teachers.
and as far as my speech is concerned, the school couldnt care any less about it. the management knew that 2 students would be representing the school at an inter-school competition but still nobody contacted the participants to know how they were doing. i was just asked to read my speech out ONCE by kaneez and i did so. all i got to hear was, "just practice more."
5 mins before leaving for lecole, the school counsellor called out for me and asked me to deliver my speech infront of her. and i was told to make ammendments then. now tell me, i, who has NEVER done a humorous speech before, how do you expect me to be perfect in the first go? and telling me to make ammendments in the last 5 mins just left me confused. what was i supposed to do?
i might have attended comps before but surely, unlike some people, i dont call myself perfect and the best. as far as the lecole competition is concerned, i do NOT blame maleeha and myself for the loss. nobody bothered to ask us how our speech was going and nobody offered us help. its the responsibility of the society heads or the teachers to make sure that the students who are going are prepared fully.

Maham said...

why do you think lyceum and st.pats win almost every competition they take part in? because the school management and teachers and students all work TOGETHER. they all sit together and decide on what to do. but in our school, everyones so selfish that they try to cut each other out. they dont care about the school's name, but they only care about their own personal benefits. i was so impressed by lyceum and st.pat's performance at the competition. they actually take such things seriously. however in our school, thats not the case. the teachers dont involve themselves in such things. they only care about teaching and not about the school's name. one major reason why we dont win competitions is that we dont work as a team. we lack that quality.

|A| said...

@ shohaib

dude.. you made us proud man.. nice work..that was one hell of an article
and as lamak said.. i first thought it would be a boring..
but naah man... too good.. i will actually talk to miss Shireen to read the article and take some actions...

because crimes of these administration (:P) haven't passed unnoticed by us

|S| said...

maham you are right our school students are selfish and its the duty of the heads to take care but y wud they take care they will first frm where they are getting benefits when they are done with that then they will only help out others on the eleventh hour

|S| said...

and yeah some things need to be taken seriously by madam and she needs to take some actions against some of the inactive society heads

Waleed Amin said...

maham u got out in the first round hahahahahahhaahhahahahah

Waleed Amin said...

temme ane1 iz convenced with the explaination of miss maham
coz im not!!!!!!!!

Maham said...

waleed.. there were only two rounds! :P

|A| said...

@ at maham..
i agree to you maham... they really don't care about what you are going for.. just get them the "trophies"

in other school's they encourage the students to participate and try doing a "good job", as you said.. they have the moral support and the technical support from the school as well..
but unfortunately we are always there all alone to win something for our Trophy Cabinet

Anonymous said...

I strongly agree with maham!!
Shoaib is also arrogant and likes to blow his own trumphet!!
No wonder he got axed from both TIIMUN and LUMUN!!

Anonymous said...

yeah we dont get support from them if we loose they say us things if we win thn we get good remarks

Anonymous said...


Maham said...

TIIMUN stands for The Indian International Model United Nations.. its just like LUMUN.. it takes place in India (mumbai) every year..

and waleed.. look around.. some people are. :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
|A| said...

just cuz you are anon doesn't mean you can say anything you oaf..

Anonymous said...

Shoaib Bhattii has written this article? Or is it some one else?

Cause If Shoaib Bhattii has written this article, im afraid hes contradicting his own statements.

Anonymous said...

5 of the 12 ppl wer frm heads class cuz they wer the ones who showed up jus for the sake of it.. the others did not.. so how wud they evn giv auditions.. nobdy turned up in the audition cuz they thot it's jus sum stupid trials for debates and who cares.. and later write articles!! poo!
and the names mentioned lik ibaad,farah etc.. i agree they r gud speakers.. but they wer not taken in the debates because they had lumun meetings to attend n prepare for it.. maleeha did not take part in debate too for the same reason evn thou she was selected.
and debates society is givin fair chance to evryone tht is why there r ppl who last only for 2 minutes on the podium.
the friends wer fooling around because the meeting did not start.
get ur facts correct b4 pointing other ppl.

K.Z said...

woah...something abt debates...finally! firstly, congrats on improving the content and quality on the blog so much..and secondly, thank u for addressing the issues that people are usually vocal about, but which go unmentioned here..

there's a lot to say..but i hav my physics exam i'll just address the main issues. starting from the competition that was held at Lecole. we received feedback from other schools, and maham did do well there...she just messed up in the ending...but even if she didn't, thats not the point here. proper auditions were held for this competition (judged by miss carol) and maham and maleeha performed best in them. they deserved to represent us at lecole, whther they won or not is not the issue here.

Secondly maham, i did hear ur speech quite a few times, and its only ur fault if u listened to miss neelum abt changing ur speech at the last moment. these are mistakes that u will learn from, but only when u start accepting them as urz. as for not going with u to the competition, the sole reason i opted out of the lecole competition was so that i could attened the tests and classes i had that day.. it is unfair to expect the heads to go with u for clapping for u if they hav their tests etc. to attend to..dont u think so?

moving on to the post by the ‘avid follower’..

farah and ibad were part of teams A and B, they backed out on the last moment because of their lumun work..mrs shireen and miss maria wanted them to work on their position they opted out of the competition. as for the other 'key misses', they didnt even turn up for the isnt the job of the heads to run after everyone...once a date and time is announced in the assembly for an audition, it is expected that those who are interested will turn up themselves...not too much to ask for, is it?

now..for the girl who couldn't speak for two minutes. the debates society isnt there to thump the backs of great is therr to help ppl become confident speakers and to groom them to the best of their abilities. the girl in question freaked out infront of the large big deal really..this is how u learn. those into debating and MUNing will hav heard the name of Hassaan Sherwani. he is one of the best speakers of pakistan, and has represented pakistan on many international forums.....but did u know he fainted in his first ever debate?! i dont regret giving that girl a fact, I hav talked to her about it and i will make sure she keeps getting opportunities until she is able to speak for the entire 8 minutes without hesitation.

lastly, the participation of heads in various competitions. in the only inter-school comp. held this session, neither of the heads partcipated. but let me get a few things straight here...not to sound like blowing my own trumpet, but usually, it is the best ppl who the skool selects as the President/Vice President of a society. u will see the heads of lyceum/KGS/st. Pats participating in every other comp. the winner at lecole this time was the Head of debates society at St Pats.. it is only fair to send the very best when it comes to representing ur skool elsewhere. if hammad and mansoor are society heads now, u cant expect them to stop participating in basket ball tournaments..since that will not only deprive us of our best players, but will also be unfair to them and their talent.

yet, in the extempores, parliamentary debates that hav been held this academic session, the A1s and A2s hav had a fair chance of proving themselves...we will continue to hold more competitions and those who want to take part will always get the opportunity..if 592 students are clapping in the audience, it is their choice alone.

Alyzeh said...

Hahaha. This article is making me laugh. Oh God. Seriously, we talk about favoritism and how unfair the school is. Let me remind you, that even though there are 600 students currently studying in the City School, PAF Chapter not every student is active enough to participate in extra curriculars. Those who are, are very well aware of how to reach to the level where they can prove themselves.

As for the new trend of auditions and trials in the school, if you really come to think of it, how can there be fair trials when the society heads themselves are judging the students. Regardless of all the experience these society heads might have, dont you think its human nature to favor a friend over another unknown student participating in the same audition?

You want auditions free from all types of favoritism? then I'd suggest you call experienced teachers from either different schools or those who belong to the same school, having little knowledge about what the auditions are being carried out for, thats the only way everybody is going to be fairly judged on their skills.

See, Bhatti there is no point in critisizing or judging the potential of others. All we should care about is how good WE are at certain things. At the same time, we need to keep in mind that the A1s will take over next year and that they should be trained by us and not left behind in the corner to rot!

Dont let such minor issues affect the smooth running of the socities in school. Such issues can also be dealt with by uniting as a team and coming up with possible solutions to all hinderances. Making a mess out of things will do no good to you, me and the others.

So lets start acting responsible and keep our personal grudges aside. Please!

Why dont all the society heads call upon a joint meeting once in a week to discuss student related issues. That could be a way! :)

Lamak said...

wow, lol everyone has something to say, and everyone has some pretty strong points...

all i can say is we can only improve as a team, the blame game isnt going to get us anywhere...

|S| said...

haha lmao anony haha i was there the whole time till the end when this happend so stop defending ureself i evn noe who u are and u were there also

Anonymous said...

yeah and the blog admins and CC editorial board should also take part in it

Anonymous said...

and also i agree with lamak and kaneez u have clearifid very nicely

Anonymous said...

Shoaib i disagree wid u amd everyone should be given a chance!!
Dude chill out!! And please get your head out of the clouds!!

Anonymous said...

Shoaib i disagree wid u amd everyone should be given a chance!!
Dude chill out!! And please get your head out of the clouds!!

|A| said...


I totally agree to her, this blame game would take us lamak said..

@ anon
keep us away from this societies politics man :P I think the Blog and CC should stay away from these things.. and do what they are supposed to do..
Report what is going on

There is one more thing.. instead of calling Shohaib from the clouds.. why don't you thank him that he actually came up and told us, whether it was a biased point of view because of his experiences is a different issue, what really was going on in the societies.

I seriously think.. that even Society heads should participate in the trials/auditions for any upcoming event

Societies should recruit members at different points in the year
they are also students like us and not legends.. so it will be unfair to them if they have to sit and clap for their society members..

It will also ensure that the heads will not be able to take an easy seat on every competition that comes by

Nizamani said...

Well said |A|.

Anonymous said...

I believe there should be a change in the society Heads,not all but few.
Most of them are here to get certificates and facilitate their admissions to their desired universities.

Anonymous said...

It's true...most of our teachers are just bothered about their personnel interests,nothing else.

amz said...

The teachers are not bothered but all the society heads are doing an AMAZING job although they have NO teachers to guide themapart from some dead societies like dramatics every society has done a lot and deserve appreciation, esp debates and journalism.

Waleed Amin said...

i can see tht maham but the thing iz u said u dunt have any moral support with ya but LADY if u had moral support would the speech of urs change hah!!!!!

Sabus said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sabus said...

Sabus said...

Thank you all for your comments. For those of you who are still confused, yes, i am Shoaib Bhatti. I wrote the article from a 3rd person’s context as no one was bringing up this pressing issue of Society Heads being biased. Forgive me for some of the self-praise in the article; i was only trying to make this article as neutral as possible.

My President has answered most of the questions that i highlighted in the article; and which are being raised by a lot of people in school. I will try to answer some of the comments addressed to me personally and otherwise.

@ Anons who said i have "my head in the clouds" and that i am "arrogant and like to blow my own trumpet."

Dear Sirs/ Madame, i might be arrogant, but i thank God that he hasn’t at least made me a coward like you! Comment with your own name next time please. There are reasons why i was axed from TIIMUN and LUMUN teams. Lets just say i stood by my principles and my friends instead of being hypocritical to them and got the axe for that reason. But i would really appreciate if you stop being an oxymoron and mind your own business. Unless of course, if God has made you that way.

@ Maham
You ask who will take care of the Debates Society if A1s aren't given a chance today?
Maham, A1s were selected for the Lecol'e Contest, weren’t they? The only inter-school Declamation Contest A-levels Section participated in this year.
Even though, they weren’t given highest marks in the auditions conducted by Miss. Carol. Why do you think we sent you and Maleeha instead of those who got higher marks? To give A1s a chance to prove themselves! I do not blame you or Maleeha for the 1st round elimination; but it is very unfair of you to blame us for not giving others a chance.
7 of the 12 debaters who were selected for the Parliamentary Debates Competition were A1s!
And i remember very well that i offered you my own place in the Indian Declamation, even though i was selected by neutral judges to represent PAF Chapter in this contest. You refused to go to take my spot in Extempore or Pre-Prepared format, remember?

Besides, it is obnoxious to think that there won't be anyone there to take care of the Society next year if only A2s represent our school in the competitions. Leading a society requires leadership skills not public speaking experience. Last year’s debates society heads had zero public speaking experience and they were two of the best heads of that year!
The Debates Society till now has held Workshops, Trials, Auditions, Intra-School Competitions and what not to groom students’ public speaking skills, the job we are assigned to do. Suggest Miss Shireen to make a Leadership Society if you are so worried about PAF Chapter running out of able leaders next year.
Yes maham, i very strongly believe in giving the best speakers the chance when it comes to represent PAF Chapter at Inter-School or International Level. There, it is a matter of the school's prestige and reputation. At Intra-school level, its opposite.
So, i assure you maham, and all the Blog readers, that The Debating Society will continue to hold proper auditions like before that will select only the best speakers of our school for Inter-School competitions. Regardless of whether the speakers are A1s, A2s, or Society Heads.

I welcome all of you Blog readers and the anti-society-heads to be part of our Auditions and Competitions to see for yourself if they are held properly or not.

Moreover Maham, common sense demands that you approach others if you want them to be on your team or help you. Please don’t expect me or Kaneez or any of the teachers to come running after you to ask how your preparation for the debate is. Because for all we know, the participants mite not like to be bossed around and run after by Society Heads. I would have even written the speech for you had you but asked.

Lyceum and Saint Pats win because
a) They send their bloody best
b) The bloody best aren't too cool to ask for help from their teachers/colleagues.

@ Alyzeh
Sorry for being harsh to your sister. But facts are facts Alyzeh.
I agree that it is human nature to favour friends in auditions. But the only auditions that were judged by the Debates Society President ad VP this year were the infamous "Trials". Those trials, alyzeh, were primarily being conducted to look for new talent in the Parliamentary Style of Debating. I assure you that there isn’t a single teacher in A-levels who even knows what Parliamentary Debating is. So you see, we needed someone experienced in this form of Debating to conduct the Trials. Kaneez and I tried our best to select the best people for the job. As these same people would be representing our school in The Karachi Cup, Nationals Parliamentary Debating Competition, The Lyceum Cup and other Parliamentary debate contests next term, we would be crazy to deliberately select less-good speakers who are our friends for these extremely competitive events.

And yes, we should work as a team and stop the blame game. I am sorry if i'm not being much of a team player here, but i am not the only one here who is taking a critic's approach.

Lastly, i would like to make it very clear that i myself am a strong advocate of sending the best speakers to represent our school at Inter-School, National and International levels. But at the same time, The Debating Society this term has given equal if not extra opportunities to every member of the Debating Society; especially A1s. We will continue with this policy next term as well. Criticism is more than welcome; we can only become a better school if we work together.

Nizamani said...

Wow. What a comment.

I agree that the best should be selected to represent our school in contests other such events. The best could be anyone. Be it the Head or Deputy Head or any other member.

I suggest that the Debate Society should not only choose the Society members for debating events, but should organise auditions for the whole A'Level Section, so that others (who due to some reasons could not join the Society) also have a chance to show their talent.

Alyzeh said...

Entirely @ Shoaib

If you think you are going to target people through this blog and defend everything that everybody else has to say about you and your debating society, Im sorry but thats not going to work. :)

It is clear, like all other societies in school, there are many flaws in the management of the debating society as well and I would like to point out that there is no harm in stating the facts Shoaib. We both know what happened after the auditions were held. I see no use why you keep defending yourself for no reason at all. :)

Anyway, its not about being harsh to some one. You might be new at this job, but trust me this is what happens everywhere. If you have chosen some one to represent your school, then I believe it is your duty as well to make sure that the person is well prepared. Thats what happens everywhere. Maham was very well prepared with her debate, but im afraid some last minute changes led to her getting confused on stage.

Why else do you think schools arrange help sessions for students who represent internationally or nationally? Anyway, Im not entirely blaming you but all im saying is these are tiny details that should be taken into account by the heads of societies. That is, if they really 'do care' about winning?

P.S: Bhatti you've joined this blog, Im guessing writing such controversial articles here is your idea of promoting the blog, :P but trust me, its going to do no good to anybody.

We all are aware, that the blog is unofficial, so I doubt any actions are going to be taken by the management regarding the issues being discussed here. :)

zephyr said...

looks like shoaib touched a nerve..hahaha!

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous.
I agree that we need a change in society heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

|A| said...

Let St.Pats win with their Bloody Best..
Let Lyceum win with their Bloody best

Its not about winning all the time.. its about trying your best and give a healthy competition, to recognize your talents and to experience the contest
Winning and losing don't count dude,
you as a VP of Debates society will be better remembered if you bring out a handful of confident and awesome speakers..

at least for me the trophies won't matter that much when i know we gave a fight and lost..
Maham, i m sure, must've tried her best and im proud that we gave her a chance instead of our "Bloody Best"!

|A| said...

and please alyzeh.. the comment about making this controversial and gaining some publicity!!

we aren't Campus Confidential :P

We didn't know that he was going to write something that would raise so many questions.. and controversies like these should be discussed don't you think?

i think this one was very healthy for our School's Societies..?

|S| said...

well i also heard people*sources outside school* saying maham did an outstanding performance but got confused in the end so hats of to both of the contestants and yeah alyzeh we didnt know at first wht shoaib was going to write if we did then we could hav stopped such a controversial act

@ |A|

yeah you are rite we dont be gain by publicity by being controversial we arnt Campus Confidential :P we are the blogger the 2 admins of the blog and rest are the authors YEAH :P

Alyzeh said...

Whats wrong with you guys, stop defending yourselves. Haha My comment was completely directed towards Shoaib.

|A| said...

u need only a word to start your followers.. supporting you.. :P

so you know.. celebrities should think before they speak:P .. the minute you would've finished lists of anons would start hating the Blog just cuz you said something about blog wanting to gain publicity

cheerio :P

|A| said...

Shohaib.. you did a great job
there is no reason for me not to support you.. and i would have never stopped you from this article... :D

Lamak said...

look shoaib did a good job, no doubt... it was an interesting, controversial topic not many knew about, and it got tons of views, opinions and facts as feedback...

if others are interested in joining hands with us, writing for your school on the blog, then we more then welcome you...

Shoaib said...

Entirely @ Akyzeh
well yeah.. we cud have done some things better. like training maham and maleeha after thier selection on our own accord. im not blidnly defending my society.. yes we have made mistakes. and one of the aims of this article was to make us see those shortcomings and find the ways of overcoming them next term.

so advice taken!

u are making an MUN society?

alyzeh said...

Thank you Shoaib I appreciate that!

Yes, we'r working on it at the moment, the whole idea is train the A1s for next year.

Alyzeh said...

Btw Mr. A whoever you are. I dont see myself as a celebrity and incase you havent noticed I like to keep to myself in school. :) So how am I to know Im being looked upon as a 'celebrity'.

As for you wanting more users out here, if you're good enough nobody would want to stop visiting your blog.

P.S: If the moderators are allowed to speak out, why should I not be allowed to? :)

|S| said...

@ alyzeh

well alyzeh ppl think u as a celebrity in skewl Mashallah we are good enough tht people dont stop visiting our blog yeah everyone is allowed to speak u anyone in skewl even the teachers

nimra kabir said...

u guys realli do noe pretty cool abt all da debating stuff:)
PAF chapter needs all ov u talented ones out dere! so please don't play dis 'blame game' and work hard on ur debating skills...!

btw...dese whole loads ov comments are not less dan a debate themselves:D

Shoaib said...

Its been a very long time since i last checked this blog. sadly, i notice there hasn't been much activity on the Blog since that last time. you guys should write up more often. it helps generating ideas and has multitude of other benefits!:)

as for Debating, i am at Ziauddin Medical College right now and we have started a debating chapter here like we did at PAF Chapter in 2006. There are loads of high-quality competions you can participate in at Uni level; so i suggest you guys go to as many competitions at school level as you can to gain experience. Debating is an art that helps you so much in life; and not to forget, its so much fun! :)

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